WorldWideWhips - Collection

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Indiana Jones style 8ft bullwhip by Joe Strain Woody bullwhip by Steve Koliski Small Woody bullwhip by Steve Koliski Deluxe bullwhip by Steve Koliski (6ft) 6ft cowhide woodhandle bullwhip Bullwhip by Alex Jacob (5ft) Bullwhip by Steve Blanton (10ft) Bullwhip by Axel Wright (4 ft) Bullwhip by Mike Murphy (10 ft) Wood handle bullwhip by Mike Murphy (6ft) Bullwhip by Mike Murphy (4ft) Indiana Jones style bullwhip by David Morgan (12ft) Indiana Jones style bullwhip by David Morgan (5ft) Indiana Jones style bullwhip by EM-Brand Whips (6ft) Big redhide bullwhip by EM-Brand Whips Australian bullwhip by Terry Jacka (10ft) Australian bullwhip by Terry Jacka (8ft) German bullwhip by Fleck GmbH Czech bullwhip Czech bullwhip Russian bullwhips Bullwhip (16ft) Latigo bullwhip (5.5ft) Cowhide bullwhip (4.5ft) Mexican swivel handle bullwhip (12ft) Mexican swivel handle bullwhip (10ft) Mexican swivel handle bullwhip (8ft/8plt) Mexican swivel handle bullwhip (8ft/6plt) Latigo swivel handle bullwhip (6ft) Mexican swivel handle bullwhip (simple) Mexican two-tone bullwhips Cheapest bullwhip Peruvian fancy bullwhips 1 + 2 Peruvian fancy bullwhip 3 Peruvian working bullwhip Selfmade bullwhip Selfmade miniature bullwhip Spanish bullwhip Swivel-handle bullwhip I (Bucheimer) Swivel-handle bullwhip II (Bucheimer) Target bullwhip (Peter Jack) Cowhide karbatch Bullwhip kit Hungarian bullwhip Bullwhip w/ studded handle Bullwhip w/ integrated holder Arabian whip (better version) Arabian whip (best version) Arabian whip (different style) Matched pair of fake bullwhips Tunesian souvenir whip Australian Pattern Bullwhip (6ft) by Mike Murphy Nylon Bullwhip 6ft by Rhett Kelley Indiana Jones Bullwhip 10ft by Simon Martin Indiana Jones bullwhip (10ft) by Paul Nolan Custom made Bullwhip 8ft by Mike Murphy Indiana Jones Bullwhip 6ft by Paul Nolan Wood handle bullwhip 6ft walnut Bullwhip 6ft with maple wood handle Indiana Jones Bullwhip 5ft by Paul Nolan Indy 4 bullwhip by Paul Nolan 7ft bullwhip by Simon Martin Target Bullwhip 8ft by Simon Martin Nylon Target Bullwhip by Steven Huntress Karaka Bullwhip Indiana Jones Bullwhip von Bernardo del Carpio Bullwhip 6ft (1988) by Terry Jacka Deluxe Bullwhip 8ft / special version Swivel Handle Bullwhip 6ft w/ fringe Bullwhip from Argentine Bullwhip 6ft (2006) by Terry Jacka Czech bullwhip 4ft Spectra bullwhip (prototype) by Steven Koliski Apex bullwhip by Steven Koliski Matched pair of bullwhips by Peter Jack Black deLuxe A2 bullwhip by Steven Koliski Bullwhip made of furry cowhide Indiana Jones style 5ft bullwhip by Joe Strain Nylon Bullwhip 6ft by Axel Lackmann Bullwhip 8ft by Karol Bilecki Bullwhip by Glen Davis Dedicated bullwhip by Glen Davis Fancy plaited Argentine bullwhip
Giant blacksnake (Krist King) Blacksnake (Mike Murphy) Pair of blacksnakes (Peter Jack) Blacksnake (Axel Wright) Blacksnake whip (Krist King) Two-tone blacksnake whip (Peter Jack) Snakewhip by Victor Tella
-Singletail Whips-
Karbatch Karbatch with rawhide handle Bavarian goasl Mule whip (not sure) German bullock whip Arabian whip (simple version) Argentine rawhide whip Bolivian rawhide whip Conestoga team whip White singletail with selfmade handle signal whip by Axel Wright signal whip by David Morgan Circus Whip from GDR Cattle Whip from Angola Whip from Paraguay Signal Whip 4.5 ft Driving whip from Egypt Lion tamers whip Argentine Arreador
Matched pair stockwhips (Mike Murphy) Old Australian stockwhip Old Australian stockwhip II Redhide stockwhip Karaka stockwhip Matched pair stockwhips (Peter Jack) Pair of whitehide stockwhips Pair of whitehide stockwhips w/ 1/2plt handles Indoor stockwhip (Mike Murphy) Selfmade stockwhip Stockwhip with fully plaited handle Stockwhip 6ft by Simon Martin Stockwhip with half plait wooden handle Stockwhip by Fiona Smith
-Hungarian style whips-
Hungarian whip 1 Hungarian whip 2 Hungarian whip 3 Hungarian whip 4 Hungarian whip 5 Hungarian whip 6 Hungarian whip 7 Hungarian whip 8 Hungarian whip 9 Hungarian whip 10 Hungarian whip 11 Hungarian Whip 12
-Driving Whips-
Elephant trainer´s whip Twisted willow whips Twisted cane driving whip Two-piece lounge whip Hungarian driving whip driving whip from former GDR Glassfiber Drop Lash Whip Driving Whip Traditional Bavarian "Goassl" Leather sewn twisted willow whip
-Riding Whips-
Afghan riding whip Arabian camel whip with silver handle Czech riding whip Argentine riding whip, plaited rawhide Argentine riding whip with detachable thong Bolivian rawhide riding whip, three tails Mongolian riding whip Mongolian riding whip in presentation box buzkashi whip Russian nagaika with carved handle Russian nagaika III OWK whip Pakistani riding whip with carved head Pakistani riding whip, three braided tails Rawhide riding whip Swedish cavalry whip Singletail whip from Egypt Peruvian rawhide riding whip, three tails Peruvian fancy riding whip, three tails Peruvian riding whip OWK whip II Russian Nagaika IV Hungarian Rawhide Whip Heavy riding crop made from rawhide Cossack Whip Buzkashi Whip II Camel whip with raffia handle
English whalebone crop Biedermeier riding crop German steel lined riding crop Glassfiber crop with leather handle Glassfiber crop with horsehead knob Hunting crop with lash English hunting crop with lash English riding crop with antler handle Huge leather sewn crop (Lilienfeld) Leather sewn crop (mounted police?) Dutch leather sewn crop Leather sewn crop (Fibroflex) Plaited steel core crop Plaited steel core crop with big knob Plaited riding crop Plaited dressage whip Dressage whip by Fleck GmbH Czech riding crop Rubber crops Leather sewn crop (Fibroflex) Leather sewn crop (Eegee) Plaited black leather crop short rawhide crop with wide slapper Plastic crop Australian polo crop Telescopic crop Mexican decorational crop Twisted cane crop Long twisted willow crop Short twisted willow crop wooden crop with carved head holly crop with finely carved knob Short riding crop Hunting crop made by Swaine Ladies hunting crop with silver handle
Argentine riding whip (rebenque) with narrow slapper Argentine riding whip (rebenque), finely detailed Argentine riding whip (rebenque), working whip Argentine riding whip (rebenque) with wide slapper Argentine riding whip (rebenque) Argentine riding whip (rebenque), ornamental Rebenque made of stiff rawhide
-Dog Whips-
Inuit dogwhip Twisted willow whip with short handle Dog whip 1 Dog whip 2 Dog whip 3 Dog whip 4 Dog whip 5 Dog whip 6 Dog whip 7 Dog whip 8 Dog whip 9 Dog whip 10 Dog whip fully plaited 1 Dog whip fully plaited 2 Dog whip fully plaited 3 dog training whip Small round dogwhip Dog whip from GDR (1) Dog whip from GDR (2) Dog whip from GDR (simple pre-war version) Beagling Whip
Schoolmasters cane Whangee cane Straight cane Singapore cane Rubber Whip from German Mounted Police Leather baton
-Paddles / Straps-
Dura Prison Strap (replica) hog slapper Strap with riveted handle
-Multitail Whips-
German martinet (RAD whip) German martinet French martinet Three tone flogger Two tone flogger Black flogger Black/tan flogger Long flogger Horse hair flogger Australian horse hair flogger Prison Cat Whip made from a pump handle German Martinet with unusual fixture Flogger made of a broken Bullwhip Cat o nine tails Heavy Flogger Cat of nine tails (replica) Cat of nine (movie prop)
Long sjambok (kiboko) Plain sjambok (litupa) Sjambok with silver handle (litupa) small sjambok with carved handle (kiboko) Short police sjambok Two-tailed sjambok Three-tailed sjambok South African police sjambok New ColdSteel Sjambok Township made plastic sjambok I Township made plastic sjambok II Sjambok blacksnake (Alex Jacob) Rubber Sjambok Miniature riding crop (sjambok) Rubber Sjambok from Kenya Chicotte Sjambok Elementary Sjambok
Cat o nine tails Model whips Bull´s pizzle whips Spanish crop Spanish crop II Whip made from lacebark Fly whip Fur decorated whip Deer foot martinet Iranian self-flagellation whip (zanjir) Swedish marine flagellation whip
Florida cowwhip (Steve Koliski) Florida cowwhip by Shaelby Braddock
Mexican rawhide quirt Mexican two-tone quirt Western style quirt American quirt by Axel Wright Charro Quirt